Tailor made solutions to tackle the toughest automation challenges.

DLP-Services Automation Division designs and builds process improvements for manufacturing.

Automation Engineering : DLP-Services has a proven track record of improving manufacturing processes and saving clients measurable costs. DLP-Services Automation designs and builds equipment in robotics, control panels, applicators, and pick-n-place just to name a few.

DLP-Services recognizes the need for custom automation solutions that meet your priorities: robust improvements to the manufacturing process and a timely, measurable return on investment. We’ll help you create and maintain a competitive edge in the market place.  Through our custom automation and programming, DLP-Services will create efficiencies giving you predictable production lines. Benefits of using a DLP-Services custom solution include but aren’t limited to:

  • Reduction in Production Costs – Through automated, turnkey processes and efficiencies gain through manufacturing at a repeatable and scalable rate.
  • Increased Production Rate – Automation doesn’t get tired or lose focus and consistently produces at a sustainable rate that outpaces manual processes.
  • Improved Quality and Reliability – Automated manufacturing processes assure that the product is manufactured with the same specifications and quality every time.
  • Reduced Waste – DLP-Services Automation analyzes and optimizes your process, reducing raw material waste. And don’t forget the time savings!
  • Competitive Advantage – Increased production, efficiency, and quality in addition to reduced manufacturing costs will leave your competitors in the rear view mirror.

The DLP-Solutions automation division is here to assist:

  • Provider of turnkey automation solutions
  • Strong expertise in custom design for auto label applicators
  • On staff: electrical, mechanical and programming engineers
  • Tailored automation solutions certified to work in food environments
  • Flexibility to adjust designs to fit unique production requirements
  • Several automation patents for food applications

Our area’s of expertise include:

  • Labeling Automation/Application solutions for all types of packaged products
  • PLC interfaces to tie in automation across the assembly/production line
  • Labeling dispensing equipment
  • Scavenger dispensing equipment
  • Thermal Barcode Printers
  • On-Site technical service and support

DLP EDGE Knife Sharpening Program

  • Turnkey sharpening solutions for the protein industry
  • $1,000 Knives per 24 Hour Workload
  • We provide the maintenance, repair and consumables
  • We provide, manage and pay the employees
  • We pay for all knives, including replacements

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We will work with you to develop the right solution to meet your needs. Whether you need warehousing, labels, packaging, logistics, or automation, DLP-Services will deliver on-time at the best possible price.

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